It is the end of the year and everybody is in great spirits. It is also the time to share in keeping up with the spiritual values. Therefore, I am giving away the e-book version of my book Health, Happiness, and You: Everything You Need to Know during the dates November 21 – 23 and December 22 - 23, 2016. This book can be downloaded all over the world, not just U.S.A. The book can be downloaded at Amazon or is subsidiaries in other countries just like a FlipCart in India and so on. If you have read the book, this has 520 pages and it is loaded with information. Many people call this book pure gold.

Want Happiness, of course. You are seeking happiness, of course. If I ask you, are you frustrated in search of happiness? Probably your answer would be YES. Do you know why?

The answer is: Your life, (our life) revolve around happiness. You are born happy. You are raised happy. Happiness is your nature. Happiness is your name. Happiness is everybody’s name. But unfortunately in the journey of life you have lost happiness, and now you are frustrated. Your frustration level is like that, of a student who has lost his papers just before the exam, or a traveler who has lost his wallet, passport or plane ticket, or of a child who gets detached from his mother in a crowded place? Is this not how you feel, totally frustrated?

Why can’t you find happiness? The reason is because you are looking for happiness in the wrong places and in the wrong things. You are looking for happiness in wealth, education, college degree, family, social status or fame, but it is not there. So you don’t know what to do, or whom to turn to.

Want the truth?

Let me explain to you that happiness is a learnable art and science. You can learn happiness irrespective of age, sex, wealth, education level, college degrees, or social status etc, etc. It is just like learning any subject. You can get a lot of information in my book: “Health, Happiness and You: Everything you need to know”. However for personal attention you can contact me as a happiness coach.

For your health and your happiness.

Pratap C. Singhal M.D. Happiness Coach www.yourhappinesscoach.com

Pratap C. Singhal MD is a physician with fifty years of clinical experience and has greater than one hundred thousand patient encounters. He is a Homeopath, Hypnotherapist, Happiness Coach, Stop Smoking Specialist and Radio Guest. He offers several other programs including anger management, happiness, fear of the dentist, panic attack, fear of the dentist, weight-loss, etc.
He is the author of the book, Health, Happiness and You, Everything You Need to Know and- Live Healthier and Live Happier with the help of 101+ suggestions, formals, poems, mantras and lessons learned from the short stories. One Solution to Many Diseases is his new book that has been just released in May 2016. Dr. Singhal appeared on the magazine cover, the Journal of Longevity, Vol 4. No. 29, and was interviewed in that magazine. The magazine can be retrieved@www.gardavita.com
At the 24th and 25th Annual Convention of National Guild of Hypnotists in 2011 and 2012 respectably, he was a presenter and spoke on the subject; How to Reverse the Aging and Disease Process. In 2011, he gave one day workshop on the same subject, at the same convention.
On August 12, 2016, at the 29th Annual Convention of National Guild of Hypnotists at Royal Plaza Hotel, Marlborough, MA. He will speaking on the subject, Cancer and How to Protect Yourself and Help Others.

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