Services Offered:

Conventional Medicine
Homeopathic Medicine    Homeopathic Article – CHAPTER 38
Ayurvedic Consultations – (constitution determination and diet prescription.)

Medical Hypnosis For:

Stop Smoking in only One Hour (one on one sessions)
Walk in as a smoker and after one hour, walk out as a nonsmoker.         Brochure – FrontBack
Becoming and staying slim and trim. (Weight loss)
Building Confidence
Remove Pain
Remove Fear, and Panic Attacks
Slow Down or Reverse Aging
Slow Down or Reverse The Disease Process
Prolong Life
Improve Memory

To a Happy and Blissful Life:

Coach (one on one or group sessions)
Speaking Engagements
Free Introductive Consultations
Community Services

Classes and Workshops Offered:

1. How to lead a happy and blissful life
2. How to become and stay slim and trim

VIP Services

VIP services are available. For more information please contact our office.

To take advantage of these services and classes, please contact us.