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Want Happiness, of course. You are seeking happiness, of course. If I ask you, are you frustrated in search of happiness? Probably your answer would be YES. Do you know why?

The answer is: Your life, (our life) revolve around happiness. You are born happy. You are raised happy. Happiness is your nature. Happiness is your name. Happiness is everybody’s name. But unfortunately in the journey of life you have lost happiness, and now you are frustrated. Your frustration level is like that, of a student who has lost his papers just before the exam, or a traveler who has lost his wallet, passport or plane ticket, or of a child who gets detached from his mother in a crowded place? Is this not how you feel, totally frustrated?

Why can’t you find happiness? The reason is because you are looking for happiness in the wrong places and in the wrong things. You are looking for happiness in wealth, education, college degree, family, social status or fame, but it is not there. So you don’t know what to do, or whom to turn to.

Want the truth?

Let me explain to you that happiness is a learnable art and science. You can learn happiness irrespective of age, sex, wealth, education level, college degrees, or social status etc, etc. It is just like learning any subject. You can get a lot of information in my book: “Health, Happiness and You: Everything you need to know”. However for personal attention you can contact me as a happiness coach.

For your health and your happiness.

Pratap C. Singhal M.D.

Dr. Pratap C. Singhal is a physician in practice for 55 years and has more than 105,000 patient encounters. He has seen many life miseries as well as happiness more closely than many others, because of his vast contact with patients and families. He has helped many of them to go through tough challenges of life. He has written three books on the subject of health and happiness. He has the privilege of studying the Scriptures. As you know that the Scriptures are the 1st ever book that came into existence at the arrival of mankind. They are the real source of all knowledge. There were no books of knowledge before the Scriptures. They have already laid down the path of happiness.

He is also a researcher in the field of happiness since the tender age of fourteen and has a passion for that subject. He is a physician as well as hypnotherapist. His writing is colored by hypnotic language that can have a deeper effect on the mind of the reader. In addition, he is also a Homeopath, Hypnotist, and practices body mind medicine.

Introduction to Happiness

The Law of Nothingness: Dr Singhal has formulated this law which in essence a short path to happiness.

Award: He was awarded hypnotism research award in 2018 by the National Guild of Hypnotherapists, the largest organization of hypnotists in the world.

Appearance TV and the Magazine Cover: He was interviewed by the local TV for 28 minutes, see below. He was also pictured twice on the magazine cover- titled ‘Journal of Longevity’. 1st time in December 2014– volume 4/No 29/ 2nd time same Journal in 2014 vol. 07/no. 50/

Radio Show 1 Radio Show 2 Teleseminar Replay

He is the author of the following books: 

How to be Happy Today and Everyday –With A New 7 minutes Magical Plan; Health Happiness and You– Everything You Need to Know; and One Solution to Many Diseases– Presented Through 24 1/2 Inspirational Stories.