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How to be Happy Today and Every Day with A New 7 Minutes Magical Plan

The essence:

Give me 7 minutes and I shall reveal the secrets to happiness. And, give yourself 7 minutes a day, and you will be happy.

It is a great deal, you cannot get better than that. Give this book a try and you will be amazed with the results.

One Solution to Many Diseases: Presented in 24½ Inspirational Stories

If you can just imagine, if you can just dream, if you can be clear of your goal, and believe in the self, then you can be anything, and have anything.

This book is a collection of 24 ½ inspirational stories from the practice of Pratap C Singhal MD. Since each patient is unique so is each story. He has used different techniques for different patients based upon the needs of each patient. Many times, he used hypnosis to bring a positive change in the mind of the patient. All the stories are inspirational. Dr. Singhal has discussed wide variety of health issues in this book, for example diabetes hypertension, arthritis, teeth problems, cancer, obesity, and fear of death and so on.

This book takes you inside the examining room of a doctor where you can see the interaction and appreciate the dialogue between the doctor and the patient. At times you get mesmerized with the situation and it leaves a permanent impression on your mind. The half unfinished story is the last chapter of the book. This provides you an opportunity to reflect and write your own wonderful story and you will love it.

The language of the book is simple and information is practical that every reader can benefit. It is must-have book for each household.

Health Happiness & You

Essence of the book:

You are the center of the universe! That is why everything revolves around you. The reason being if you are not here in this universe, at least for you the universe will cease to exist. Such is the mighty power hidden within you. The goal of this book is to open that door through– everything you need to know.

In this book you will also learn how easy it is to:

  1. Slow down or even, reverse the aging process.
  2. Slow down or even, reverse the disease process.
  3. Increase and balance your energy at physical, mental and spiritual levels.
  4. Strengthen your mind, intellect, and spirit.
  5. Heal yourself naturally without drugs, at physical, mental, spiritual levels.
  6. Prevent diseases, at physical, mental, spiritual levels.
  7. Understand Nutrition thoroughly.
  8. Understand Ayurveda, Homeopathy, and Hypnosis.
  9. Understand who you really are, at physical, mental, spiritual levels.
  10. How to be happy, or at least to stay calm and balanced in any situation.

The book is available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Createspace.

E-book available from Amazon for only $9.97. Editions in other languages such as Hindi will be available in the near future.

Your bonus: you can read/download four chapters of my book Health, Happiness, and You: Everything you need to know” for free.

  1. “Reverse the Aging and Disease Process”
  2. “Bring Balance in Life”
  3. “The Art of Eternal Happiness”
  4. “Energy”